Investment Attraction & Economic Development

I work with cities, regions and countries globally to assist with their investment attraction and economic development. Services include:

Investment Origination
International investment promotion and business development, from identifying target investors to lead generation.
Investment Management
Converting inward investment opportunities into secured project successes, creating economic impact.
Investment Advocacy
Assisting locations with their investment readiness through initiatives to align their offering with global opportunities and the location needs if investors.
Investor Aftercare

Working with existing investors on their expansion and reinvestment, assisting them with their innovation.

What I Do

I work with businesses from start-ups & scale-ups to multi-national companies, assisting enterprises to secure B2B opportunities with corporates, helping to drive their digital transformation and innovation. I advise scale-ups on international markets and growth.

I help build Fintech eco-systems by connecting government agencies & regulators, entrepreneurs, corporate innovators and investors. I’ve worked with countless fintechs globally, helping them to scale and offering advice on their global footprint/location options.

I build, motivate and lead international teams, am a renowned public speaker and an experienced coach/mentor.

I’ve developed a proven framework called the 5Ps of Investment Attraction and Economic Development. Contact me to find out more.


Who I've Worked With

I have had the pleasure of working with many business locations across the world, assisting them with their investment attraction and/or connecting them with growth businesses.